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PLEASE READ: I have uploaded my drawings onto the CreativeJigsawPuzzles site. They are a bit pricey ($30-34) since they are made one at a time. Shipping is also a bit pricey since it is coming from overseas ($15).  These are high quality puzzles. 18x24 inches, glossy. Very nice.

Shermer Puzzle.JPG
Downtown Arlington Heights Puzzle.JPG
St James Puzzle.JPG
Scout Camp Puzzle.JPG


Working with a vendor, I have a limited quantity in stock of some of my puzzles. These are very high quality, 504 piece puzzles, measuring 16x20 inches. They are $20 each plus $9 s/h.  Please contact me at for PayPal or Venmo info.

Current inventory as of January 1, 2022.

Shermer, IL (John Hughes Movie Montage): 2

Arlington Heights: SOLD OUT

St. James: 2

Miller, IN: SOLD OUT

Arlington Heights.JPG
Miller IN.JPG
St James.JPG
Miller Puzzle.JPG
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